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I am a big fan of Cricut's printable vinyl, right? Well recently I purchased a laser printer and thought to myself: WOW my print and cut projects are going to be so amazing with Cricut's Printable Vinyl with my new printer. Well...I later found out (Cricut.com) that the printable vinyl can only be used for inkjet printers only and using a laser printer MAY cause damage to the printer. BUMMER! Thankfully I also have an inkjet printer so I'm not completely out of luck. #cricutprintablevinyl #printandcut #inkjetprintersonly #craftprojects #diy #diyer #didyouknow

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Current Situation

Double stuffing balloons for a diy hula hoop decor project.

Fun Fact

Waterslide Decal Users: Spraying the waterslide sheets is not needed when using laser paper/laser printer! That's fantastic news because it helps to save time.

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