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My DIY Dry Erase Board

My brain can only obtain so much information when it comes to SIC. I needed a place to park all of the dreams, visions, & ideas rolling around in my head. I have several white boards around the house, but I needed something bigger, without a BIG price tag. I took to Pinterest to look for DIY ideas. offered some very handy tips to create the dry erase board I was looking for. I picked up tile board from Home Depot, already had the moldings at home from a different project and VIOLA! It was just what I wanted. My husband helped me install it.

The materials we used are:

Tile Board

Staple Gun

Saw (for cutting)


The entire project cost just a little under $20!

This board will be used as a vision board, policies and procedures board, ideas board, etc.

I have filled it up already!

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