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Glitter Wine Glass - Decorative Wine Glass - Personalized Wine Glass - Sparkly Wine Glass 


These Zodiac Glitter Wine Glasses are the plug! What’s your sign?

1- Specialty Wine glass - 20oz - Aries
Glitter (2 coats)
Glitter Color: Various

Glitter Color in this photo is: White Diamond 
Lettering/Image - Vinyl
Vinyl Color in this photo is: Holographic
Other colors are available. 
Sealant is applied for that glossy and flossy look and to secure image and glitter in place.

For personalized orders, kindly send a message with the following information: 

Glitter color:
Image color:

How to care for your product:

Hand Wash ONLY!

Gentle dry with towel or air dry
Dishwasher safe: NO

Microwave safe: NO

Is it safe to drink from? Yes
You may also use of option of sipping pretty with a straw. 

Refund Policy: See Below 


SummerInspired looks forward to personalizing your intimate moment!

Don’t see what you looking for? Send us an email so that we can better individualize your needs.

We specialize in one-of-a-kind creative pieces.


Handcrafted Zodiac Designed Glitter Wine Glass - Aries

  • Refunds: SummerInspired is happy to replace or refund your customized product in the event that it is damaged during shipping.

    Please contact me within 7 days of receiving the damaged goods along with photos of the damaged product.

    Questions? Message us!

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