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Glitter Wine Glass - Decorative Wine Glass - Personalized Wine Glass - Sparkly Wine Glass


Just The Taste For Wine and Fashion 


Custom Wine Glasses - Made to order.


What's included with your purchase:


(2) 20oz Wine Glasses 

Glitter (2 coats) 

Glitter Color in this photo is ONYX. 

Permanent Vinyl Image - Bianca 

Vinyl Color in this photo is BLACK.

Other colors are available. 

Sealant is used to secure lettering and/or glitter in place.

Rhinestones included

Beautiful Bow included 


For personalized orders, kindly send a message with the following information: 


Glitter color(s)

Vinyl color(s)


Processing time: 7 days. 


How to care for this product:


Gentle Hand Wash ONLY!

Gentle Pat Dry or Air Dry.

***NOT dishwasher safe.***


Is it safe to drink from? Yes 

Custom Wine Glass - Bianca w/Rhinestones Set of 2

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