Unicorn Makes It All Better

These wine glasses are suitable for drinking or just for show.

Occasion: Wedding, Birthday, Any

Materials: Wine glass, glitter 2 coats, HTV or permanent vinyl

What's included with your purchase:

(1) Wine glass - Size 20 oz

Authentic Glitter (2 coats).

Glitter Color in this photo is ONYX. 

Vinyl lettering (1 Layer).

Vinyl Color in this photo is ONYX.

Other colors are available. 

Sealant to secure lettering and glitter in place.

Processing time: 7 days. 

Please message for more information. 

Care Instructions

Gentle Hand Wash ONLY!
Gentle pat or air dry.
NOT Dishwasher safe.
NOT Microwave.

Is it safe to drink from? Yes
***Is it dishwasher safe?***

About our images:

Although some creations are that of our own, we sometimes use digital graphics from other artists and have written permission to use their art work.

Refund Policy:

Refunds: SummerInspired would be happy to replace or refund your customized product in the event that it is damaged during shipping.

Please contact me within 7 days of receiving the damaged goods along with photos of the damaged product.

Questions? Message us! Or send an email to summerinspired@prodigy.net

SummerInspired looks forward to personalizing your intimate moments!

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