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Matters Of A Crafter's Heart

Repurposing Sublimation Mugs & Learned Something New!

I have a stash of sublimation mugs that were a EPIC FAIL and I just refuse to throw them away.

They are new mugs that had never been used and the only defect is the design more than likely

did not transfer to the mug correctly. So why not repaint them and use a different design method to still create something beautiful? The goal is to spray paint over the old design, add a new design using waterslide sheets or vinyl. The mugs had been washed repeatedly, but what I discovered was...

When I spray painted over one mug with metallic gold, it revealed the residue from the heat transfer tape I used for the original design! Wow.

The second coat covered it a little more. I'm hoping it will disappear after a few more coats.

Have a look/listen. Thanks for watching.



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